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Adwuma Laptop Bag


mSimps’ Adwuma Leather Laptop Bag is a uniquely crafted unisex gear from the most durable leather and amply padded to provide the ultimate, stylish and yet secured holding for laptops for him or her. mSimps consciously created this exquisite laptop bag to provide the right amount of room for your accessories and those extra necessities the everyday user of a laptop requires while ensuring that you carry it around on your shoulder or in your hand with utmost pride and comfort.

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Travel Duffel Bag


Travel on that business or fun trip in absolute style with mSimps’ Travel Duffel Bag from our Adwuma line. It is big enough to hold all you need for a quick business trip or weekend away.
mSimps’ Travel Duffel Bag has an exterior made of pure leather with fugu detailing to give it that sleek, African and yet global look. It also comes with both inside and back pockets serving as additional storage.

mSimps’ Travel Duffel Bag combines quality with style and a uniqueness that blends with the user’s personality in a flawless and appealing manner.


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Adwuma Laptop Sleeves


There’s always that time all you need is to grab your laptop and dash for that meeting across town. Or that time where you know you have to move around light but need your laptop to remain secured and unscathed.
Ladies and gentlemen, meet Adwuma Leather Laptop Sleeve from mSimps. It is for both he and she, comes padded with a back pocket, and in a variety of beautiful colours. Adwuma Leather Laptop Sleeve is designed for the corporate executive and the student who can’t do without his or her laptop.

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How to clean mSimps mBarima Charlies


The ‘charlies’ are made of leather and patched with Africa print fabric.

TIP 1: How to clean fabric

Use a damp cotton cloth dipped in a solution of very mild detergent to gently  bloat the fabric area and rub over it. After,use the damp cotton cloth dipped in clean water and rub over the fabric. This will take out the detergent.

For the leather part, brush over it with a little amount of shoe polish (depending on the colour of the leather;black or tan).

Go through this step and you will have your mBarima ‘Charlies’ looking as lovely as the first day it was purchased.

Tip 2: How to clean White leather

Bought an mBarima ‘Charlies’  made of white leather? Here is how to clean it.

Dip a piece of cotton wool in nail polish remover. Rub it over the leather and allow to dry.

It’s as simple as that.